Sunday, April 27, 2014

The ongoing tests in life

Our life is full of tests and we don’t even know it sometimes that we are in a test until afterwards or not even at that time. The biggest tests we face are the patience of what we do or cannot do in life. Our patience is tested in more ways and on a daily basis. We have to patient to take our turn and we sit patiently in traffic to reach our destination. We are tested in the form of our rebellious kids and also when we have to wait in the doctor's office and also leave our office at the end of the day. Although human beings are always in a state of hurry but circumstances and other pressures of society and also things being not under our control makes us feel that we are in testing ground. Then the other test we face is the test of temptation. In every step of the way, we are tested that sometimes it shakes our faith. There is so much temptation out there that if you are not careful you will be committing sins and doing bad things left and right. You are constantly juggling whether to cross that line to sin or just restrain yourself for future rewards. It is just a test of your faith and your resolve that you don’t do certain things that some other people will find tempting to cross that red line for instant gratification. And the biggest result of the test will when we meet our maker in the Day of Judgment (yes I do believe in it as I know some don’t). So if we want to make sure that we get a passing grade on these ongoing tests in life to be successful in the afterlife (yes again I do believe in it), we have to control our ego, personal preferences and temptations in control.

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