Sunday, April 27, 2014

Juvenile Crimes-3

I am not sure about giving death penalty to Juveniles since I will not know under what circumstances they have committed a crime and I would not want them to be incarcerated in an adult institution until they turn 18. But before all this happens we as a society should reach out to these kids before they do something stupid which they regret for the rest of their lives. How do you reach to these skeptical kids who may have broken homes or other calamities that have scared their youth to such an extent that the crimes they commit does have not any effect on them as they believe that they are paying back to society what was done to them when they needed help. It is this angry attitude towards society that sometimes drives these kids to kill and rob other peaceful citizens. And it maybe only one of the reasons for these kids to act out. When you see sometimes these kids in handcuffs with the face down, it really saddens that they have just thrown their life away for a few moments of supposedly ''happy moments''. I know that sometimes these juveniles are treated as adults due to the nature of the crimes they commit. But I believe that it is better to reach out to these kids who have been supposedly abandoned by society but why we have to reach at this point when we can have the opportunity to intervene and help these kids in trouble before they create trouble and become a liability to society.

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