Sunday, April 27, 2014

Juvenile Crimes-2

Although everybody or at least the overwhelming number of my readers will disagree with my assessment but I believe that young people at least the age of 15, should they do anything that leads to more serious crimes that lead to murder, injury or robbery should be tried as an adult. If you see the faces of these Juveniles, most of them do not show any remorse or any kind of guilt that what they have done. I have seen some kids with a face which does not show any kind of worry about their life in prison and even when they are sentenced, they don’t reflect upon what they have, some just say sorry like it will bring back the lives of the loved ones killed or recovered from injury or just the fact that they may have terrorized people while robbing them. Here the critics will come in and blame the atmosphere these kids were raised in or some other excuse to partially attribute their behavior. I guess that, although I am not a doctor, lawyer, psychologist or any of the professional who assess the mental capability of individuals, I believe that most of these Juveniles (I am saying here most and not all) know exactly what they are doing, but am not sure if they have already figured out the consequences especially in the case of the above mentioned case. But I do say that if you are robbing and are ready to use deadly force to get what you are supposed to get then they should be tried as an adult regardless of whether they are Juveniles or not (ages 15 to 17).

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