Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can Crimea happen in other places?-2

Today ethnicity triumphs religion in all countries of the world. It is rare that you see religion overcoming ethnicity to be the sole reason for staying together in one place. And I fear that this event in the Ukraine can be catalyst for other minorities to assert their rights and call for autonomy if not all out independence. And if they are going to go for independence then it would not as bloodless as we have seen in the case of Crimea from Ukraine. You will need a very powerful country that can back you up in case you want to struggle for independence. And even if you want to go through a democratic process and try to get a referendum you will still need millions or even billions of dollars and powerful financial and military backers to gain independence. But this does will not deter people to go opt for this if they see that their rights within a certain country are being usurped by the majority. There are some countries where the minority is fighting for their rights either within the country or want outright independence but no one has yet had the luck to get such a powerful backer as Russia for follow it through with their dreams of independence. But that does not mean that they have stopped their struggle as the journey to a land ruled by their own is long and arduous. But I believe that if a big power can find an opportunity and know that there will be consequences which will be minimal or can be handled financially and militarily, there will be other Crimea's to follow with any kind of excuse to help them gain independence.

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