Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crime, statistics and underreporting-2

In some countries and even in advanced ones, the most heinous crimes sometimes get unreported. Rape is the most obvious of the crime that remains underreported in most developing countries and sometimes in developed ones too. Rape has been used as a powerful weapon for centuries and it is happening now but the shame associated with rape does not allow some woman to come forward and accuse somebody of rape even if they know that the person did it. Then stigma associated with it in a society and how some woman ask for it by dressing provocatively or suggestively does not help the rape victims and the low rate of conviction in case of rape cases in some countries deter many women to come forward and register cases against the accusers and suffer in silence rather than be ridiculed or emotionally abused by the media and the larger public in the society. Child abuse is another one of the crimes that are reported not immediately but even years and decades later on as the child is too traumatized or confused or scared to report it to the authorities. I don’t even want to dwell on this issue much as even the thought of writing about it makes me nauseating and disgusting. I am saying here that there are crimes which never get reported including some financial crimes which take years to come to the front so when you see statistics about a crime, it does not mean that all the crime has been reported. It just means that the crime was actually reported to the police and it may or may not reflect the true number of crimes done in an area.

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