Sunday, April 27, 2014

The memorization game

I have noticed that people have really good memory when it comes to memorizing lyrics of a song or something like that. I have seen people listening to a song and sing along with them. On the streets they are mimicking what their favorite singers are singing the songs and also watched some concert footage where the people sing lyrics along with the singers. Sometimes it seems like they have written the songs themselves since they look very good and impressive repeating all the words in the lyrics correctly. And as usual I remember the lyrics too (but not all of it) of a song that I like and my family does too. And I am guessing (and rightly so) that most of the families have the same type of memorization game that they learn the lyrics and then boast it to their friends or sing along with them. I really don’t have anything against people memorizing the lyrics of the songs and how fast they repeat it with increasing precision. I am only intrigued by how they are so in tuned with the lyrics of the songs but can't remember other more important historical or scientific events with that kind of memorization. It can be that the people are not that much interested in such events to merit memorization or find it very boring to stop at the first reading. It also shows that people have good memory skills but they are not utilizing it to memorize good scientific facts as they have to capacity to do it but they chose not to.

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