Sunday, April 13, 2014

The creeping Talibanization of Pakistan

Since 9/11, Pakistan has been witnessing increasing instances of the phenomena called Talibanization. By Talibanization I mean the people who are fighting the state and government of Pakistan and trying to impose their own version of the Sharia (Islamic Laws) which they see as the only solution to bring the increasingly corrupt society of Pakistan under control. And this means intolerance for any type of minorities which are mandated and required by Islam for full protection. And due to the increasing intimidation by the Taliban in the name of Islam and all the funding coming from Arab countries, people who were already very conservative and religious (in their own minds) have started to change their attitude by becoming more like the Taliban without knowing what they are doing. The breathing space for minorities is every shrinking as people increasingly view the Taliban version of Islam as the correct version and hence their salvation in afterlife. It is the intolerance of the people that has become the hallmark of the Taliban and also the increasing media coverage given to their people and their representatives have made them instant heroes in the eyes of the citizens. And the Taliban side of the story with their Anti American stand resonates with the people of Pakistan and they are increasingly being brain washed into believing what the Taliban are saying. And the government of Pakistan is either not doing anything or is unwilling or incapable or in some cases helping the Taliban in order to save their own skin. Whatever maybe the case, the government and the people will continue to fall under the fall of the Taliban and that is going to be dangerous situation for the world as Pakistan is a nuclear armed state.

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