Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Doing things out of habit

You know that sometimes you do things out of habit and not force of habit. You may have developed this habit when you were growing up by getting it instilled from your parents or adopted from your friends and sometimes society forces to you follow certain rules that they develop into an unconscious habit. I will give you some examples to illustrate what I am talking about. You see when you clean your hands or take a shower, your hand immediately goes to the faucet to close it down not to waste water or not to get a high water bill (but mostly it hurts to see water go waste). Same goes with after cleaning your hand immediately goes towards drying your hand with a towel (in your home) or with a tissue or paper towel (when you are outside the house). Either way your mind is hard wired to do these things or you just never forget it even after many years. And other examples include but not limited to stopping at a stop sign (forced by the government), locking doors to our cars, looking both ways before crossing the road or street, close the television before we go to sleep and other things that we do it out of habit developed over the years. We are taught to not litter and make noise so as not to disturb our neighbors and we are forced to follow street signs and traffic laws to ensure a safe society. And sometimes if we don’t do it then we are not doing the right thing in front of many people. These habits are so die hard that nothing changes in the course of years that we live and it passes from one generation to the next. I am sure there are other habits which I have not discussed at all, but for now I was just getting my opinion across.

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