Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Is the world doing enough to prevent genocides?

You see the world does not learn their lessons from history and keep on repeating mistakes every decade or more so in every century. There have been several genocides before the famous one of the Jews in the World War II and there have been several after that since it was assumed that no more genocides on this grand scale will be tolerated or happen in any place of the world. There was the Hutus and Tutsis Massacre in Rwanda, the Burmese Muslim massacre in Myanmar, the Haraza Shiite Muslims massacre in Pakistan and other places where the massacres are occurring on a smaller scale but there is nobody to protect them or a red line is being drawn. I have yet to see any categorization of the massacre being committed in Syria as it an ethnic war and sometimes terrorism is being crept into it and no easy solutions are there available to end it yet. The world has become a little weary about intervening in cases where they don’t see any of their spheres of interest or clear cut mandate to act. And I believe sometimes it has lost the will to hold anybody accountable until military force is used. These and countless lesser know genocides will keep on happening because some minorities do not have powerful backers. And it is very rare that voices are heard in support of them unless some celebrity in some advanced country raise a voice for them. The world has completely failed according to my opinion to prevent massacres and genocides and they not doing enough to have conditions which will be conducive to not have these genocides in the first place.

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