Sunday, April 13, 2014

Food and Entertainment

If you are like millions and maybe billions of people around the world, you may or have developed a habit for eating something and watching or reading with one or both hands. When we as a family go to watch movies, we have to get big popcorn and a big cup of soda to go with it. It is just the experience of going to the movies that you cannot just sit idle and watch the movies without eating and drinking something. And it happens to me often as I sit on the computer and watch or read something and has in handy some snacks like chips, chocolate or drinks in hand and even when I am done eating and drinking, after about half an hour I get up and search for something else to eat with my entertainment. And this habit is not confined to me but to my whole family and I am sure many people also follow the same habit. Food and Entertainment has become synonymous with each other as you see that major sports and any kind of gathering where you are watching something, food and drinks are sold and served religiously. Food is as much of an entertainment as the Entertainment is about food. And that is why the rate of obesity is increasing not only in the U.S. but also around the world as we consume more entertainment sitting down and then gobbling up food then getting up and doing a little bit of exercise. But you know what an entertainment without eating or drinking something does not seem like an entertainment as we constantly keep on nourishing our body. So don’t stop mixing food and entertainment as it is unsustainable as I have experienced and so you have too.

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