Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The lazy beast in us

Admit it we as human beings are basically lazy. And you would not find a single argument to say that we are not lazy. Although some will say we work sixteen hours a day five or six or even seven days a week but whenever we get the chance we want to rest and sometimes this rest translate into laziness. For example when I travel in the train I see many people standing and sitting too knowing all well that they will have to sit once they reach their place of work (well at least most of the time they do sit). I try not to sit in the train when I see only two or three seats empty since I know that when I reach my workplace, most of the time the work is on the computer and for that one has to sit. But also when I am coming back from work I don’t sit because I know that I have to drive back home and sit in the car for at least twenty to twenty five minutes if no traffic and if there is then an hour or so of sitting. Although when I am in the train during the holidays especially or off rush hours and if I see some seats empty and the destination longer, it is very hard to resist not sitting. There are some places where you are not allowed to stand most of the time and they are like in airplanes or if you are going to a theme park roller coaster rides. But basically whenever we find a place to sit, we will sit no matter what. If you can leave garbage at home for more days without fear of smell, you will do it and you will also not wash your clothes till you run out of clean ones.

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