Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wastage of Food-2

Here in America, there is so much food wastage that it is shocking to say the least. We throw away food that could feed millions of kids and people around the world and although we are doing what we can to give food to other countries, it seems that we are wasting more of it at home and we don’t feel ashamed about it. And it pains me also when I waste food but it is not a recent phenomenon as I have been doing it all my life. I am not proud of it but this habit is hard to get rid of. But sometimes I don’t throw away the stuff just because it is past the posted expiry date as it is perfectly fine a few days after that. Things start to go wrong when you are out of the house as you eat in a restaurant where some food may not be up to your taste or not cooked to your liking, you just return it and you don’t know if it is going to thrown away or served to the next customer. And if you are travelling and buy some chips or other kinds of junk food, sometimes you don’t eat all of it and throw the rest away. In poor countries these kinds of foods are craved since any kind of food is hard to afford. But the main thing is wastage of food is a worldwide epidemic and it is not going away as more and more people going hungry while the rich and middle class people keep on wasting food and throwing away perfectly good food just because their families are unable to finish the exceedingly large portions that they have put on their plates. So my appeal (especially to me) is not to waste food.

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