Sunday, April 13, 2014

The wealth of the few-2

Why is that it shocks people that the wealth of the few is equivalent to the wealth of billions of people when every person not even as fabulously wealthy as the billionaires can contribute to the well being of the poor by providing charity (and I am sure many people do give generous charity) then why is the world getting hungry and people are dying in the millions. It is just so intriguing that people can attack the wealthy people and argue about them to pay more taxes but where do all these taxes go and why is that people have not seen any improvement in the lives of poor people and I keep on seeing ads on television showing poor people in Africa and South America and in Asia scavenging for food in the garbage thrown out by people. And the scary part is that the disparity between the rich and poor people is getting bigger than ever. Something must be done for this huge disparity to come down, either the governments or the private sector has to step up to reduce this rich-poor gap despite spending huge amounts of money, the effort seems to be faltering. And it is the rich countries that have to bear this burden of making sure that the wealth that is generated is distributed fairly as much as possible. But distribution does not mean that you just give away the money without any accountability. It just means that the rich countries need to make sure that whatever money is being spent is used wisely so that the lives of the poor people are elevated and not just stay at the least minimum subsistence.

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