Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baby Shower

Last week I attended a baby shower in honor of one of the ladies from my in-laws side. As the location where the occasion was being held was almost 60 miles, we despite our efforts left home late but Thank GOD there was no traffic as we just barely made it in time. You know I am a big fan of appetizers and I wanted to reach as soon as possible so that I don’t want to be confronted with leftovers. But luckily when we reached there, the appetizers were there and were getting replenished too so I took some and sat down at my seat. With the entire festive mood going on, the function started after some prayers and well wishes for the coming baby. Lunch was served before all the festivities started. As I am meat lover (and not ashamed to say it) I took my chicken and beef stuff and ate it as I was getting a bit hungry. In case if anybody do not know about Baby Shower, it is just a get together either arranged by the woman's or the man’s' family side where the expectant mother (and father) is showered with gifts for them to cope with their new arrival and increase in family number. Some couples register with some baby store for the items they want and then the guests can just go in the website or the store to give that present or buy it for them. So after eating lunch, there were some picture taking, cutting of the cakes and distribution of goodies amid the sound of music and laughter and around 3.30 P.M. everything was wrapped up and we headed towards our home.

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