Sunday, April 27, 2014

A visit to the dentist is not an option-5

And after a while the regular ordinary painkillers are no longer effective as your tooth may cry out for more radical steps like actually going to the dentist and get that tooth fixed. Although it is never fun to visit your dentist but when it is really early in the morning, then it is harder especially if you have not anything to eat or drink before you arrive at the dentist's office. My stomach was making noises that it needs food while my tooth was saying that I am first in line to be taken care off. Two competing conflicts but you know that your tooth will win since the food has to go through your mouth and if your mouth is hurting, stomach fulfillment takes a back seat. So here I was in the dentist office waiting for my time to get under the drill. First I was numbed for the first part of my long ordeal of deep cleaning; I had never heard it before as cleaning is done without any anesthesia. This procedure is called deep cleaning (as I was told by the hygienist) and it involves numbing the side of mouth where it is being done and then going deep behind your gums to clean. And I was told that I should take care of my teeth as it is not fun to do it every time. It took approximately an hour to finish this procedure and when it was done, I was told to rinse and wait for my root canal as that side was already numb but the dentist gave me some more injection as he feared that the numbness would wear off by the time he is done with the root canal treatment.

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