Sunday, April 27, 2014

A visit to the dentist is not an option-2

There is nothing good about going to the dentist as you dread going to your dentist in the first place and even the thought of you visiting and having some instrument drill you in your mouth is not a thought that you want to cherish. I mean who wants to hear buzzing sound in their mouth and also the pain that comes with it. You know you can have anesthesia in your mouth and that is just the start of the pain as the oral anesthesia does not work that better and then they dentist have to inject you with more anesthesia to make sure the side he/she will be working on does not feel any pain and he/she can do their work without fighting off the patient or hearing them scream. And it hurts when the anesthesia is being administrated but when your face becomes frozen rock solid then you can relax because the dentist can do their work in peace and quiet. Another thing is that you have to keep your mouth open for most of the time and when some work is done, and then you have to rinse and open your mouth again for some more pleasure. I know it is our fault that we don’t take care of our teeth as much as we should do so there is no reason to say that you would not pay the price of getting your mouth worked on. I am all saying this from experience as I don’t go there as frequently as other people do but when I start it does equal the number of visit that other normal do in years.

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