Sunday, April 13, 2014

The wealth of the few

Recently I read a news report that the wealth of the richest 85 people equal to the combined wealth of the next 3 billion people and it just made me nauseate. It is not that I envy or am jealous of the people having that kind of wealth. Good luck to them and may they have more but what about the rest of the people, is there not any justice in the redistribution of wealth. And I am not saying that snatches from the rich and give it to the poor. The rich may have worked hard for their wealth but being a human being, does it not pain any rich person to see that all the wealth that they have should be used for the betterment of mankind at large. And in case people will say that the rich are already getting targeted by the government. I am not talking about the utterly insane stance of some politicians that earning quarter of a million or more qualifies you as a rich person. I am talking about people whose wealth is in the billions or hundreds of millions of dollars. And I am sure they are giving millions of dollars in charity but something is not right in all this situation. Either people are not getting the sustenance living or the distribution system through which millions of dollars are routed is broken or is rife with corruption. Even with all the sincerity involved in charity distribution, more and more people are getting hungrier and living on less than 2 dollars a day.

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