Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The lazy beast in us-2

The technology has also made us lazy too. For example instead of getting up and change the channel you have a remote control and you just change the channel or raise or lower volume or due all sorts of things without leaving your couch. We try to park our cars as near to a store as possible and now we can shop from our computer without leaving our home. Even for exercise we use treadmill and other equipment instead of using natural exercise venues like walking and climbing the stairs (well mostly we do that). Instead of using stairs, we use escalators and instead of talking on the phone we are too lazy to just text and connect on the internet instead of meeting with people physically. And this laziness has given rise to many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity but still the beast of laziness does not get destroyed even at the cost of our lives. If we had the options to not work and get our paycheck at home, most of us would not hesitate to take that option. As you see long lines of people for lottery tickets so that you can dream about getting rich quick overnight, this is the ultimate in laziness area. And so is the gambling where people keep on trying their luck in the hopes of winning some money without working and then relaxing at the beach or home. Laziness is so addictive that no one is immune to its lure and we as human beings have been trapped into it for eternity.

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