Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The mystery of the disappeared Malaysian Plane

As you already know by now, unless you have been off the grid for a while, a Malaysian plane disappeared over the Indian Ocean supposedly a few weeks ago and there have been no clue to suggest what happened to it. At one time nearly two dozen countries were searching for the plane and still now almost a dozen countries navies and air force planes are still for it as the mystery still deepens. Many rumors which were started before like it has landed in some parts of Asia or it was hijacked or it was some terrorist plot to blow up the plane has although died down but as the search continues and there seems to be no sign of the plane, we would never know what has happened. The Malaysian government has declared a few days ago that the plane went down in the Indian Sea. It just seems like since there is no way to determine where and how the plane got lost, that was the most logical conclusion by the Malaysian government to say that the plane was lost so that now the main task would be to conduct the search for the black box (the recording device that records the conversation between the pilots and flight data information) but it has a shelf life of 30 days after that all information in that is useless if it will ever be found. For the families of the victims, there will never be a closure as they would not know what happened and how and when it happened. There is a vast sea where the plane could have been lost and bodies drowned in the depth of the ocean. There is no graveyard to visit and wreath to be put on them. The pain that one has of what happened to their loved ones is incomprehensible and only the person in that position would know about it. The only thing we can do is the pray for the departed souls.

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