Sunday, April 27, 2014

Localized Criminals

You that in the real estate there is a thing called location and also in the retail business, location is all that counts. And there is also the saying that if you want real estate, there is no more knowledgeable about the area as your local real estate agent. And nobody can be your best guide than your local resident, so the same goes with localized criminals, especially when you are travelling outside your area of residence or familiarity. If you are overseas there is this added problem of not speaking the language as sometimes you may get lost and may need help from local people and as in every country there are good and bad people and so you can get victimized by the local criminals who knows the area well enough to hide after committing the crime or just give you the wrong direction so that you get lost and get victimized. I am highlighting this issue here as many people in their naivety fall victim to unscrupulous people who happen to be preying on the tourists. Granted there are more good people than bad ones but unless you get to know them better, a caution should be in place while traveling not only locally (in an area not your place of residence) but also overseas. I know that people do take precautions but there may be some moments when you become overzealous about learning something new about the place and then you may fall victim to some shady elements who may know the area. So take abundance of caution travelling especially when you are in a place where the language is not English or your native tongue.

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