Sunday, April 27, 2014

A visit to the dentist is not an option-4

So what brought me to this unholy topic of the dentist? Well last time when I wrote it, it was just about visiting them and getting the stupid x-ray done which was a torture but this time I had made appointments because I want to get over this delaying tactics of fixing my tooth once and for all (at least for a number of years). And I believe and I am afraid I will become a frequent visitor to the dentist till all this is sorted out and I have to extremely brave and stubborn about. There is no way it can continue for me like this that I go to the dentist in fits and starts and every time there is pain I have to go. I should be following the phrase “Prevention is better than cure". And I have to stick it to the tooth monster (instead of the tooth fairy) which have been haunting my nerves for quite a number of years. So what has brought me to this topic let me guess and your guess can be as good as mine, as I had to get a root canal treatment after waiting for it for a long time. Not a good idea as it can hurt your ears and rest of the face not including the pain you suffer when you have to eat on the other side and if your food does venture into the affected area of the teeth you are in deep pain and the painkillers that you take as a remedy is just a temporary reprieve from the excruciating pain that you are battling with.

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