Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let's talk about death-6

If you have seen the movie "faces of Death" or even if you have not seen it, you know that it is just an excuse that death is going to come in any form. You can die of cancer, some diseases, accident and number of other ways that the angel of death can get you anywhere and at any time without warning and without regard to your situation. Since we know that death is going to come anytime, why not prepare for it right away and why not embrace it when it comes. I know it will sound weird for people to hear this but you cannot escape the clutches of it. We are so involved in our daily lives and have so much future plans but we do not plan if we are not hear what would happen to that plan and who will carry on with our decisions made when we are alive. It is with all the above assessment that I started to think about death and trying to get to this inevitability. No one knows what happens after you are gone (and everybody does not but they are not allowed back into our lives). I am not preaching here but just so that you can reflect upon this eventuality. When we are born, we are in a constant race to escape death but our journey towards death starts right when we are born. Although everybody is more or less afraid of dying but it is just part of our life that we have to deal with it eventually so why be afraid from it. Just as we welcome a birth, we should embrace death whether we like or not.

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