Sunday, April 27, 2014

A visit to the dentist is not an option-6

After a few minutes when the injection was administered, I lost all sensation in that part of the mouth. And then the procedure started and it is really not fun that you have to keep open your mouth for an hour or so only moving it when you have to rinse out the garbage in your mouth that has been left due to the work done. Despite this procedure and all the pain affiliated with it, I am so stubborn to not take care of my teeth (but I will now). At the end of the procedure, I did the rinse and had to take another of those evil X-rays in the mouth to make sure that everything is okay and they keep it in their records. I just pray that there is some solution to taking X-rays in the mouth and they invent a machine so the X-rays can be taken from the outside, there really has to be some way. Since by the look at my face and also the experience of the dentist, he prescribed me some antibiotics and prescription strength painkillers. I asked them if I can use some other painkillers which are less potent and they said yes. As for the antibiotics, I thought that I would not need them. After that I left the office and went home. As the numbness and anesthesia wears off then you start to feel a little bit uncomfortable and for that you can take over the counter painkillers. But if you don’t want to take painkillers, just wait for a while and the pain will go away as the time passes by.

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