Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why GM?-2

I am not very happy with any of the car makers since the recalls erodes my confidence and my reluctance to buy their cars in the future or recommend it to anybody. I mean human beings have flaws but if they would check their cars thoroughly and then sell it to the public instead of making defective cars and then wait for the damage to be done to their brand and reputation, it would have a much nicer outcome with apologies and other incentives so that the hit to your reputation can be buttressed. Especially GM who got billions of dollars from the government and were not flying high have rendered themselves to a not a great brand reputation. As you already know that year after year the imported or foreign brand reputation has been staying on the top in car owners' satisfaction, and despite all the efforts by the American car companies they have failed to stay on top of quality of their cars. Even with the best technology available, American cars are not perceived by their customers as good as the imported or foreign ones. And if you have noticed it but the American car manufacturers in order to push the sales of their cars give you huge discounts, low or zero interest rates and other incentives to compete with the foreign cars. As I said before I was interested in GM's big SUVs but I am not sure right now as I have already written off smaller cars from American car makers. Too sad that they are still make cars that are perceived by the American public and outside the country as not reliable. When will they learn their lesson?

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