Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wastage of Food

If you eat food (every does) you may have inadvertently or on purpose left some leftovers which become a waste for other people and then that food is thrown in the garbage. And I am as guilty as anybody else in wasting food while the world at large is savoring for food in some poor country where the affordability of food is not that great. And even if you ignore the individual responsibility in the wastage of food, you can still see that the wastage goes on in all places like in restaurants, hotels, functions and a simple thing as eating out. There was a report long time ago that restaurants throw away tons of food every day which is not used at the end of the day or is just customers' leftovers. And this food is not like it is spoiled but since they want to maintain their reputation, the food goes in the garbage since it is supposedly "not Fresh" from their perspective. Our wastage of food does not include only when we are outside the house but also inside the house as we sometimes through away perfectly good food just because our tastes have changed or somebody in the household does not want it anymore. We throw away the food if it goes past even one day after expiry date as we have been trained to behave that way. Even if we have eaten a majority of food from a box, we still throw away the rest of it since it is just the crumbs or little left behind and we don’t want to be bothered with eating that little leftover.

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