Sunday, April 27, 2014

A visit to the dentist is not an option-3

I can grudgingly go to the dentist and sit through the torture but the most thing I hate is when they take the X-ray of your mouth. The dentist asked me that am I allergic to some drugs and I said I am only allergic to the X-rays that he has to take by putting tiny x-ray things in my mouth. Every time he does that I am almost in a nauseating mood. I don’t know maybe it is the X-ray itself when my tongue touches it that I have this kind of feeling. And I asked the dentist that if there is any machine that can take the x-ray without inserting it in my mouth and he said no. Very surprising considering I believe that millions of x-rays are done each year of the mouth and we have to sit through this torture or maybe some people's tongue can be controlled but I cannot control mine as it just moves in the direction where the x-ray sheet (or whatever you call it) is placed. Even the music and the television that is placed in the dentists' office to sooth and calm your nerves does not work for me as I am too much involved in what is happening inside my mouth. It may be a distraction to other patients but I highly doubt it as I am sure that the patients want to leave as fast as possible once their dental work is done. Nobody wants to stay around in a dentist office one minute more than necessary and I am the first to leave it and the last to enter.

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