Saturday, February 11, 2017

What if you are all alone?

A few days ago I was watching a movie and just realized that how human beings long to have association with another human being. Long days of loneliness have been seen by some people to descend into going crazy and if you are alone somewhere, although it is nice for a while but afterwards it just seems that you very glad to see someone to talk too even it is just a stranger. Despite all the social media websites sprung up during the last few years, social interaction has not gone down. And if someone becomes isolationist and only deal with people on the social media then some people think it is dangerous for that person and the society as a whole. The biggest punishment that I have seen given to prisoners is the solitary confinement where the prisoners s are not allowed to have contact with other prisoners and this sometimes drive them crazy. In a reality based TV show, prisoners who are sent to solitary confinement beg to be allowed to come back into the general population. I don’t know what goes through their head while they are in solitary confinement but I guess having no contact with another human being does takes its toll on their minds. And if you are all alone with no human contact for a long period of time, I don’t know how an individual will be able to survive unless he/she starts talking with themselves and that is also a sign of going nuts.

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