Sunday, February 5, 2017

Are companies obligated to outside stakeholders?-2

I have also seen corporations allow their employees to wear jeans to work on Friday in return for their twenty five dollar contribution towards some charitable goal. And now we corporations sponsoring ads and actively participating in LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bi Sexual and Trans-sexual) parades and causes and proudly display that on the websites and other bulletin boards. Are these corporations doing this to show that they care about community they serve and show that whatever they are earning, they are also contributing somewhat to the community? I feel like if it helps their bottom line, they do this; otherwise not all corporations really care about what is happening in their communities. If it were the case, then the poverty would not increase and social injustice would not prevail. I agree that it helps communities but charitable work need not be blatantly advertised with logos and slogans of corporations. Despite having so much so programs and goodwill being generated by the corporations, they are still not seen favorably by corporations especially in the light of all the dubious dealings done which led to the financial crisis and it still lingers on with fines and penalties being levied on them. Occupy Wall Street movement was a prime example that despite spending millions of dollars on charitable work, the corporations are seen as greedy as it has not helped the common people achieve meaningful employment or equitable distribution of wealth. As long as corporations are engaging in tactics which remain unethical and dubious, they will not be able to convince the society of their good intentions.

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