Saturday, February 25, 2017

Traveling anxieties by air

For some the word travel means excitement but for others it means excitement coupled with tension and anxiety in preparation of that travel. Whether you are traveling by car, train, ship or by air, the hassle of packing your stuff and planning your trip if it is for pleasure or vacation can be a gargantuan and stressful task. But if you are going to travel by air, the stress multiples in terms of the time and effort put into it. Although the packing is the same, but the added time to get to the airport adds to the stress. If you are going to a domestic destination, you have to reach the airport before a certain time and if you are traveling internationally then the time to arrive at the airport almost doubles. Then you have to make sure that if you flight in the morning that you wake up at a certain time to beat the traffic rush in order to reach the airport. If it is the international travel, you have to make sure that you are carrying your passport which should be unexpired. Then the boarding pass needs to be printed and then you have to check your suitcases making sure that they are not above the maximum weight allowed because if it does then either you can do two things, one is to pay for the extra weight (which nobody wants to pay for it of course) or you can if you have another suitcase which is of less weight, you can transfer your stuff from the overweight suitcase to the less weight one and avoid the fees. This can be stressful as I have done it before.

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