Saturday, February 11, 2017

The so called backlash against immigration ban

Since the Muslim Immigration ban started, there have been much protest and uproar in the U.S. regarding it as many people oppose to the ban have come out in the street to protest it with much intensity and ferocity but despite this there has been a very curious case of no protest in the heartland of America where people voted Republican as most protest have been concentrated in cities with big immigrant population. It is very curious that the majorities of these people are happy with the ban and already feel safe about it as it is like with a placebo that people feel good about although there is no effect. Already it was very difficult to come to the U.S. as it took eternity to go through all the interviews and vetting and background checks and then people were allowed in. There seems to be much divide between people in the heartland and those who are in the coastal cities as people who are in constant interaction with immigrant feel obligated to protest the ban. Maybe people in the heartland have less connection/contact with immigrants/Muslims and that is why they have been supportive of the ban and thus no protest to oppose the ban. It is rather curious and dangerous that now people have seen a great divide who oppose immigration generation and Muslims particularly and people who support it as a matter of safety and national security. I just wish that the political storm created over this ban should focus people to think the positive about human beings and not blame the actions of some deranged individuals who cleverly uses the name of a religion to blame all the followers of the religion as one cannot blame the action of one white supremacist on all the white race and religion.

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