Thursday, February 2, 2017

Outsourcing jobs

As a recently unemployed American Individual with a master’s degree in Finance, I can vouch that outsourcing can be good but it becomes really burdensome when you have to spend more money in order to correct the mistake that is done in the first place. I have been a witness of this outsourcing trend in my previous job and I can say that it has been a disaster although a cheap one at that. In order to say some money and avoid paying American workers, corporations have been outsourcing their work to other countries especially in case of manufacturing to China and in case of services to India. Although corporations have been reaping rewards at the expense of the American workers but sometimes if not managed properly, can be a disaster for the American workers even if the companies spend more money to explain to the outsourcers how to make things work their way. I was just speaking to my friend and his company has also outsourced their IT functions to an outsourcing company in India. I will bet that many of these jobs can be in sourced in the United States but for want of cost cutting, the companies want to outsource their work to cheaper and more loosely regulated countries. In the case of my now former company, I have seen how outsourcing has been a disaster as I have seen the senior management constantly on the phone explaining to people in India what they should be doing and why they did not do this or that in the first place or why there has been no follow up despite constant reminders from the U.S. side.

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