Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Right now with the shock of being laid off still fresh, I have started to get my thoughts straight and getting into being organized in finding a new Job. It is now in the very initial stages since it is in the early hours of my being laid off but surely and steadily it will increase in the days ahead as I have to contact the recruiters and also the contacts that I have developed in my network so that I can get job postings a little faster. As for my former employer, I have no desire to seek any hints from my so called “office Friends” as I did not see them after office and they were not in any mood to even sympathize for my plight. I guess it is the fear of losing your own job that you are reluctant to even show any kind of sympathy for the person being laid off, but it shows how well your supposedly colleagues are when you are working with them and when you are laid off. But anyway if you see that I am bitter about my treatment, you bet I am but as they say every dog has its day. Whatever, now it is time to concentrate on my getting a job and not think about negative things about the previous one as the former life has now end and a new beginning has started for the better. I will continue to give you my search progress and more topics as now I am a little free to write more about things that I think demands my attention and yours.

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