Thursday, February 9, 2017

Subdued reaction to the U.S. Muslim ban

Since the seven Muslim country temporary ban came into place, there has been largely hue and cry and protest in the U.S. as people are outraged about this ban. But apart from Iran and lately Turkey, no other so called Islamic countries have come out in the open stating their opposition to this ban. In fact most of the Islamic world biggest countries have been very quiet about it since it does not affect them. But now one of the foreign ministers of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has come out in the open supporting this ban and here it shows how much there is unity in the Islamic world. Most of the non Muslim not affected by the ban have been protesting it and showing solidarity with the Muslim neighbors and refugees and you see the foreign minister of one the wealthiest Arab Countries coming out in favor of the ban. That is why I have been kept on emphasizing that the tears shed on the plight of Palestinians and now the Syrian refugees are just crocodile tears to show the world how much the Muslim and especially the Arab world cares about the Muslims since it is hard to imagine that for the seventy years, despite their enormous wealth, the Arabs and Muslims have been unable to force the Israelis to give Palestinian an opportunity to create their own homeland. And my argument also now holds true as Muslim countries that have not been banned have come out in support of the ban on their fellow Muslims. I rest my case. Appeal for donation: Please donate to this site so that I can provide you with views on current events and great movies. Your ongoing monthly contribution of 95 cents will help me in improving and maintaining this site. Thank you

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