Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Life Partner

As long as I have been married, my wife has been very supportive of during my tumultuous time out of work and it has happened three times since marriage. She has been through a lot with me as I try to get a steady job while she manages the house and being supportive of my difficult time looking for a job which is not easy in any circumstances especially if you don’t know it is coming. She has been constantly on my case and pushing me to look for work since we need insurance. Initially the shock of being out of work is scary since the biggest expense of paying the mortgage is there. Thank GOD we don’t have any car payment this time as compared to last one but day to day expenses and other bills pile up too which does not stop while you are out of work. So this post is in her honor that she has stood by me through thick and thin whether I have a job or not as her patience has been a solid foundation for me to continue to push myself to find a new job as soon as possible before the insurance runs out. So in this current crisis she is again standing by me as we go through the rituals of finding another steady job.

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