Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Status: Unemployed

As you see the title, some of you may realize that as in some social media sites, you state your status as either single, or married or looking, here I have put my status as unemployed. Although not happy about it, but as people like to update their status constantly in order to inform the outside world how things are going with their social life, I have decided to put this status as here in America, there is no shame in posting such a status as most of us have been through one or more times in their working like being laid off from work for various reasons. Nowadays the reason is outsourcing to cheap locations. Every corporation is under such a tremendous pressure to compete and cut costs that the only solution it seems to them is to cut American jobs and outsource it and then sell your outsourced products to your clientele in the U.S. at inflated costs. As I said before, if you treat your employees good, they will no excuse to leave you to find other jobs and they will stay loyal to you and provide your new ideas but if you treat them like a dollar sign ready to lay them off to cut some frivolous costs then the individual have all the right to look around and keep the ideas of improving your office to yourselves and there will be hostile or subtle forms of anger in their work. I will let you know you when my working status changes, in the meanwhile, I will keep on posting as much as possible.

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