Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Terror attack in Quebec, Canada

Just two days ago, a perfectly healthy and with sound mind guy opened fire in a mosque in of all places Quebec, Canada and killed seven people who were peacefully gathered there for praying. As details are emerging about the shooter, it seems that he was a right wing white supremacist extremist who hated as obviously thought Muslims. I was shocked and taken aback by the violence because it happened in a very unlikely place in Quebec, Canada, the French speaking province. Canada has stricter gun control laws than the U.S. and they have a very vibrant minority and many immigrants are more welcomed there and are easily assimilated than in European Countries. I have been to Canada two times and have not encountered any hostility towards any minority. As with the U.S. shooting for which no active terrorist organizations are involved directly, this also seems a case of lone wolf activity. Obviously this guy might have been inspired by the recent election in the U.S. alongside the millions on hate articles easily available on the internet for anybody consumption. I wrote an article on my blog long time ago about lone wolf terrorists and some of the suggestions to handle them including community support and cooperation of the police. I sympathize with the loved ones who were killed in this terrorist attack but it should not mean that Canada is any more violent than other western societies. One can only hope that it does not inspire copy cat activities by people who are at the fringe of society.

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