Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to pay for the wall

Now that the wall is coming if it all, the point now before even getting into the technicalities of how and why of building it, who is going to pay for it and how. There has been proposal that if Mexico is not going to pay for it, then the U.S. should put in twenty percent tax on all goods that is entering the U.S. But here the irony is that it will hurt the U.S. consumers in the form of expensive imports. My suggestion would be that twenty percent tax on goods is a bad idea, instead a flat tax of ten dollars on the millions of Mexicans coming through the land crossing who possess the Mexican passport should be assessed and even the one who are entering through the airport, they should be charged ten dollars each time they enter the U.S. I am sure that the Mexicans who come to the U.S. are mostly rich enough that they would be willing to pay this nominal tax (or fees) on their entry to fund the wall, just like we use it to cross the bridges and tunnels between New York City and New Jersey and outer suburbs. And if it seems too low, you can adjust it from time to time to fifteen or twenty dollars and I am sure in a few years, the wall, if it gets build would pay for itself by this means. I believe that it is by far the most efficient and most economical way to pay for the privilege of entering the U.S. Although I also think that there will be more suggestions coming on this front. But the one I have suggested is going to be not that controversial and implemented immediately.

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