Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ready or not, the Great wall of Mexico is coming

Although I have already mentioned about the wall in my previous post, but it was before the election, now that the elections are over, the new reality has set in and as promised (don’t say it was not forewarned), the President has decided to go ahead and start the process of actually building the wall. Before the election it was Mexico is going to pay for the wall and now it is the U.S. is going to pay for the wall and Mexico is going to pay for it via border tax on goods shipped from Mexico or some other means. Although, the President has signed the executive order to start the process so that illegal immigrants should not come in, I don’t know if the Congress of the United States will have the stomach to actually go through with the funding as it is going to cost upwards of 14 billion dollars and it is just an estimate. As you know estimate can and do change but there is considerable outrage with this issue along with his decision to ban Muslims from certain terror prone countries to seek immigration to the U.S. I have read some heart wrenching stories regarding some of the people whose families are here from terror prone countries and who were at the end of their process to get to the U.S., but all this will end now at least until the law changes which I don’t think it will considering the hostility that the new administration have against Muslims. It is sad but at least he is trying to balance his hostility towards Muslims by being hostile towards Mexicans. Stay tuned.

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