Monday, February 6, 2017

The salaries out there

I have started to search for jobs in my field of expertise and most of the time the type of jobs do not mention salaries in great detail and for some temporary jobs they do mention it sometimes and the amount of salary that I have seen surprises me as it mentions from $14.00 and above and still they want a college degree and most of the jobs which require a college degree does not go beyond $28.00 unless you have specialization in that field which will take you above thirty plus. My point here is that all the people out there protesting a minimum wage of $15.00, how they can justify this salary when more jobs are offering comparable amount of salary with much more knowledge required. I mean I can understand that most of minimum wage employees deserve a living wage in order to provide for their families but is $15.00 really justified in the case of fast food workers or across the board raises. I will talk about this minimum wage in another of my posts but for now I am seeing that the companies are either unable to afford a $15.00 wage or unwilling to give this huge amount even for temporary employees as they feel that it is not justified by the amount of work being rendered in return. But just to let you know that it is hard to justify offering $15.00 to an employee when you will be offering the same to a college graduate who is willing to work as a temp.

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