Saturday, February 18, 2017

Respect and family

Respect and family are the two things that people don’t want to mess about it and I have heard it or listened to it in numerous occasion that you don’t disrespect somebody and also don’t mess with their families if their families maybe the worst in the world. Especially when I watch shows in which they show inside the prison system, the recurring theme that I listen from the prisoners is that somebody disrespected them or their families and that is how they got into trouble and even in the prison, this theme of respect and family is carried over and sometimes results in violence. Because I believe in the prison system, respect is the only thing that is hurtful to every prison regardless of his or her prison time. Outside the prison, respect for oneself and taking care of your families is the number priority for even the most hardened criminal not to mention normal people. Respect for oneself and for their families is what drives people to behave humanly towards each other and if you don’t do that towards each other then all hell can break lose for even the supposedly lowest of the profession and the poorest of the poor demand and deserve respect because it is the only way they can stand their head up high and move along in life. And you know it does not cost anybody anything to give respect to each other in everyday life and that is how the society in which we live are held together peacefully without hatred and bigotry.

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