Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fake news galore

There have been fake news all along but by the new election, it has reached a height never seen before. Now with this immigration ban in place, not a day goes by when you see fake news coming out by as many people as possible giving alternative or some news which they have heard by someone and they just pass it along without even first investigating if it is true or not. Due to the plethora of fake news, foreigner and would be immigrant are getting confused and scared about what is true or not. Facilitating this news is the circulation of it through social media which adds to more confusion. I know that in this case, people may have the intention to inform their loved ones or even common folk about what is going on but it is just hearsay and people ought to get the confirmation that the news is true before believing or decimating it to other people. This fake news have become so big that what is considered a satire have some time become a news item which is inadvertently carried by some major news media only to be embarrassingly retracted by them when it becomes clear that they were duped into believing it. The U.S. election had some fake news circulating on social media which some of the people have blamed for election loses by some candidates. Although social media giants have started to fight back against fake news on their websites, but it is too early to tell whether this will be enough to stop fake news.

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