Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Laid off once again

Today I got the news that I have been laid off from my banking job unceremoniously (I don’t know what that means but still had to write it). The official version is that my former bank was cutting costs and my job as usual was being sent to an outsourcing hub in India (what else is new). This is my fourth lay off in my working life (I would not call it a career because in a career you move ahead not freeze and with layoffs so many items it just seems like working to pay your bills). I was completely calm (what else could I have done) as the human resources (a joke to call it that) person explained to me my package deal and how I will benefit from it. I could just nod my head since I knew this ritual many times before. As I gathered my belongings (which I had none) I did not bother to say anything to my colleagues (since they are just that) as I started to depart from my now former employer and off to home. When I was about to leave, a plain simple good luck was what I got. I did not get any sympathy from any of my colleagues unlike my regular off work friends and it just shows how much so called friends you have when you need them. The work was just going on routine as if nothing has happened, nobody came to console me or even announce my leaving the bank. This is how the corporate truth is when are laid off. But you know, better opportunities are out there and I will explore them. And I have just one parting thought to say. Corporate world is brutal and it is just after making profits, there is no consideration for individual feelings and well being. That is why there is no loyalty on the part of either a corporation or the individual person. Don’t ever rely on corporation to feed your family, always have a back up side business so that in case you get laid off for whatever reason, you are not worried about where the next meal is going to come from.

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