Saturday, February 25, 2017

Traveling anxieties by air-2

Then once you get your luggage checked in, you proceed to the security line for the screening of your items that you will carry with you on board. Since 9/11/2001, screening has become more stringent and in addition to automatic scanning, sometimes manual checking is done on persons. Once you clear the scanning, you collect your belongs and proceed to the gate number where your flight is going to take off from. Once you reach your designated gate, you will have to wait for the boarding instructions which are at least forty minutes before the flight take off time. So in order to kill time, you can either go on the internet or buy some snacks to satisfy your hunger. I suggest buying your snacks before you enter past the security area as the snacks are quiet expensive in the departure lounge. But liquids you cannot carry with you so you have buy in the departure lounge. When the gates are opened for boarding, the passengers who are first class and have other special privileges are allowed to board first. For me it is not a big deal since you are designated a particular seat number, so you can wait your turn if you are in the economy class. But once inside the plane, a sense of claustrophobia sinks in as you see so many people in close proximity with you flying on the same plane for a few hours (or more) can be sometimes nerve wrecking. You carryon can be put in the overhead bin or under your chair, and after that you get seated with annoying seat belts which are just the size that fit you tightly. And then the traveling starts. This is the just the added hassles that you may encounter when traveling by air.

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