Saturday, February 18, 2017

Love the snow, not the aftermath

Recently my town in New Jersey got eight inches of snow. The Snow started falling in the late at night and became heavy as the day went by. And as usual before the arrival of the snow, there was a lot of warning of stocking up of supplies, closing of schools and traffic disruption anticipated. And our town was one of the luckiest ones as the storm moved eastwards; the amount of snowfall went up reaching in some towns to eighteen inches. As usual, the cleanup crew to clear the roads came up in full force to clean main roads first and then the local street roads. As I have said in my numerous posts before, I love the snowfall and it does seem pretty when it is falling but it is only pretty when it is falling because when it stops the actual heartache starts. Some people during these storms lose power and it really becomes a cumbersome chore when the weather is below freezing and you have to clean the snow. It is better to start cleaning right away because as the weather remains below freezing, the fluffy snow becomes hard overnight and then you have to deal with putting more pressure on yourself to clean the hardened surfaces on your car and in your driveways. So the day after the snow is the cleanup time for individuals as the surface gets hardened and the cars have to start for a few minutes longer to make them warm enough to drive. As the title says for me at least I love the snow, not the aftermath.

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