Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fear of State

Although it has been going on forever but recently the clampdown of anything anti state has been ramped in not only developing states but also developed states as well. But it is really worse in developing states as those states with fragile governments use every excuse in the book and out of it to clamp on dissent and accuse their own citizens of anti state and anti religion activities and in the garb of these accusations, jail these so called enemy of the states and even make them disappear. Sometimes clamping on rights activities mean denying them passports and create fabricated accusations which are then abetted by their supporters to make sure the voice of reason is not heard and make them an example so that other people of similar views keep quiet. Lately due to the rise of the social media and the climate of fear due to the rise of terrorist related activities, governments all over the world have been clamping down on dissent in the name of national security, definition of which is so broadly defined that anything you say even if it sounds reasonable can be construed as being against the mainstream official view and you can be accused simply based on this as being part of some anti state group which does not want to see the society secured. People have to be very careful of what they post on social media especially if they are in some security obsessed state since even your best friends can look the other way when it comes to state accusing you of subversive activity if you have posted something on social media.

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