Monday, February 6, 2017

Bonuses and Raises

When I was getting hired for my previous job, the rosy picture that was presented to me by my recruiter that there is a bonus of twenty percent and I was not a least bit excited by it as I have been through this ritual several times before. Twenty percent bonus does not mean you would twenty percent or even any percent since it all depends upon your performance, your interaction with your bosses, how well your place of work is doing in terms of profitability. The same holds true for the raises that are presented to you when you are offered a job. All these Bonuses and raises are at the discretion of the management of the company and are not in any way obligatory on them to pay by law. It is just a gimmick by the recruiters and employers to get you excited about your job and once you are in, you have to wait for the whole year to find out if there is any extra cash available to include in your regular salary. My advice is that when you are negotiating your salary, try to get as much out of your potential employer as possible and ignore all the bonuses and raised promised to you while you contemplate accepting the offer. Because this is the only time you are in the driver’s seat in terms of how much salary you can get and once it is done, there is no turning back. Bonuses and raises are nice to entice you but it is just a promise which can be revoked based on the above conditions. Appeal for donation: Please donate to this site so that I can provide you with views on current events and great movies. Your ongoing monthly contribution of 95 cents will help me in improving and maintaining this site. Thank you

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