Monday, February 6, 2017

The Compliance training in corporations

I am sure every corporation has its share of compliance related training but since I was previously related to the banking sector, I will rely on the information I have and talk about it. The banking industry as you all know is heavily regulated and as such every employee who joins them have to undergo a lot of compliance related training that may seem out of place for some individual but since it is federally mandated, it has to be carried out ritually for everyone. Not only this but every year, new compliance guidelines are issued by the U.S. government and then you have your updated compliance training which everybody has to take following blindly. Even if it is not related to your department of hiring, most the training has to be completed by everyone. Some of the training that I have to undergo is not even remotely related to my department and it is very easy to skip through them without even knowing what all is about and how it is related to you. Although I understand that compliance is necessary but despite all this training, you may have noticed that even a heavily regulated industry like banking, the compliance training means nothing when it comes time to make money as seen in numerous fines and penalties given to the banks over the years. There is so much pressure and temptation to make money that even with the entire compliance training, bankers do cut corners to make money now and face the consequences later on. Compliance training means nothing if your job is on the line and you are coerced or better yet ordered by your bosses to ignore the obvious and do whatever you are told. It just seems that money temptation is so much that no amount of compliance training will deter people working in the financial industry to do unethical things. Appeal for donation: Please donate to this site so that I can provide you with views on current events and great movies. Your ongoing monthly contribution of 95 cents will help me in improving and maintaining this site. Thank you

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