Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Far Right people

The recent attack in Quebec, Canada on the Muslim house of worship has been attributed to a guy who wrote far right views on immigration and religion on social media. In Europe, Far right parties are all the rage as they applause President Trump decision to ban immigrants from seven Muslim countries. Far right people hold extremist views about immigrants and about religion and mostly are associated with Islamophobia. But don’t think for a moment that Islam does not have far right people in it. Muslims are so concentrated on the far right activities in the west that they tend to forget that what they do sometimes is equal and even worse than what far right people do in the west. It is only because it is not advertised as such does not mean that it is not policies similar to far right extremists. Islam countries have worse problems accepting anybody who is not mainstream official Islamic sect in their countries. I mean if you are an Ahmadis in Pakistan or Shiites anywhere (except Iran and Iraq), you are pretty much screwed as the far right Islamic parties keeps on harassing their Muslim minorities and many times to the point of killing some of the sect members without any regard to remorse. So in addition to make hue and cry over extremists nationalist segments of the Western Society, the Muslims should also raise a voice against their own hate filled and bigot agenda in their home countries.

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