Thursday, February 2, 2017

Outsourcing jobs-2

If you have seen some of the studies suggesting that more and more jobs will be outsourced and can be outsourced to cheaper locations without minimal of disruptions to the corporations’ bottom line but what about the people perspective. Do human resources not mean that you harness the power of the human and not treat them as just a dollar sign (which most of the companies now see). The excuse for the corporations is that they cannot find enough people in the U.S. to do their work, hence they need more people coming to the U.S. or outsource their work. But you know there are millions of people in the Midwest who are willing to do the work if only you can train them to do so and you can still find many computer experts willing to do free lance work if given a chance. Although the corporations would be paying more, but at least they would be employing American workers who are their main target to sell their products. I believe you can easily find people who are in need of jobs in places like West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Kansas and other Midwest and southern states that are, although expensive than India, but are located in the United States. It is the will of the corporation along with pressure of their shareholders and common voters who would have to make the change, otherwise, jobs will keep on being outsourced to other countries with no one challenge them. Hopefully with the new administration in place, corporations will start to treat American workers with the respect they deserve before putting profits ahead of their human resources.

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