Monday, February 20, 2017


It is the hardest thing to manage in one’s life and I have seen (including I) struggling with how to manage time. Sometimes we succeed but most of the time we fail. You may have heard many idioms regarding time like “time is of the essence” and “time is money”. A new trend is emerging which is in the initial stages but may catch on is the time of arrival to come to the office. A few years ago, it is essential that you reach your office on time (like at 9.00 AM) but with no time to leave or leave when ones work is done but lately, the bosses have either come to realize or have become relaxed that sometimes people are late due to traffic or weather conditions but there is no rule to punish or admonish the person as long as the work gets done and the client’s needs are served. But sometimes, you have to really be on time even if the other person is not as you may be perceived to be a slacker if you keep on missing your time to come to work. I have noticed that the time to come to the office gets noticed by management but the time to leave gets ignored which is very curious. But it is not only for the office but other events that despite your best efforts, you are late and sometimes feels embarrassed or after a while don’t care anymore as it becomes part of life that you are not in control of how you control time as so many factors are involved which can result in your leaving late and coming late to some occasion. And it is time that flies so fast that you are at a lost to what happened, especially if have kids and you see them growing up and then realize that how fast they have grown up and feel the loss of time that you have missed spending with them. Time waits for nobody and we need to manage our time wisely in order to gain the maximum benefits out of it.

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